Antel Auditorium

Montevideo, Uruguay

Sep 29



Top experts

The event on .NET that #EXPLOTAAA

The latest on Microsoft technologies with top experts, a unique opportunity to learn, share, networking and fun! Workshops! Conferences! All in an informal environment.

Limited capacity. Don't miss your ticket!


An event you will not forget



HoloLens  /  .NET Core  /  DevOps  /  Azure  /  Docker  /  Universal Apps  /  Windows 10  /  Internet of Things  /  Xamarin  /  Sharepoint  /  Office 365  /  SQL Server  /  Visual Studio


Get your hands dirty!

Learn with the experts!

What we all, developers like: getting your hands dirty and learn new and better programming techniques, new technologies and solutions to the problems we face every day. As if that were not enough, in .NET Conf UY we do it with the very best experts who will have direct contact with you!

Access is limited since the facilities allows up to 40 people per workshop. A week before .NET Conf UY, registration will be announced only to people who already have .NET Conf UY tickets. You can not buy a ticket just for the workshops, the entrance to .NET Conf UY includes everything.


The latest on .NET and more!

2 days... 2 tracks of conference!

During Friday and Saturday the most important conference on .NET is held in 2 simultaneous tracks. Experts come to the city of Montevideo to give talks and share their knowledge with the community. A unique opportunity where you can even chat with them firsthand in the halls of the conference. Besides super interesting talks, the conference includes breakfast, breaks and lunch so you can take breaks between lectures and refresh your thirst and feed to recharge and keep learning. You can also enjoy our sponsors various proposals all the more interesting, do not miss it!

All meals are included in the ticket.

After Party

Music, Drinks, Food and Fun!

What more could you ask for?

At the end of the conference we continue celebrating with an After Party filled with music, drinks, food and fun! The great closing party, great to continue the conversation.


Top experts

Sorey García

Colombia Sorey García

Chief Mobile Architect

Kevin Pilch

USA Kevin Pilch

Prin. S/W Engineering Manager
Microsoft Corp.

Kyle Baley

Canada Kyle Baley

Software Engineer
Particular Software

Eduardo Mangarelli

Uruguay Eduardo Mangarelli

Director of Technology
Microsoft Latin America

Miguel Llorca

Espana Miguel Llorca

Technical Director, NAV

Alvaro Lame

Uruguay Alvaro Lame


Rodolfo Finochietti

Argentina Rodolfo Finochietti

Chief Operating Officer
Lagash Systems

Gabriel Cor

Chile Gabriel Cor


Juan Carlos Ruiz

Colombia Juan Carlos Ruiz

Program Manager Evangelist

Matías Quaranta

Argentina Matías Quaranta

Software Engineer
Microsoft USA

Fabian Imaz

Uruguay Fabian Imaz

CEO & MVP Sharepoint

Maximiliano Accotto

Argentina Maximiliano Accotto

TriggerDB Consulting

Hernán Guzmán

Colombia Hernán Guzmán

Senior .NET Developer

Marcos Ezquerra

Uruguay Marcos Ezquerra

Fx2 Software Factory

Mariano Sanchez

Argentina Mariano Sanchez

Software Architect

Pablo Garcia

Chile Pablo Garcia

Research Manager
Telefónica I+D

Guillermo Bellmann

Argentina Guillermo Bellmann

Software Architect

Santiago Pastorino

Uruguay Santiago Pastorino

Founder & CTO

Nicolas Bello

Argentina Nicolas Bello

Lead Developer

Emilio Cristalli

Uruguay Emilio Cristalli


Fabian Alves

Argentina Fabian Alves


Victor Silva

Uruguay Victor Silva

IT Analyst
AT Innovando Juntos

Leonardo Micheloni

Argentina Leonardo Micheloni

Arquitecto de Software
Kinetica Solutions

Pablo Maceiras

Uruguay Pablo Maceiras

Technology Specialist

Mariano Vazquez

Argentina Mariano Vazquez

Software Engineer

Gaston Cruz

Uruguay Gaston Cruz

Project Manager

Diego Gonzalez

Argentina Diego Gonzalez


Bruno Torterolo

Uruguay Bruno Torterolo

Software Developer

Sebastián Pérez

Argentina Sebastián Pérez

Kinetica Solutions

Andrés González

Uruguay Andrés González

ÁNIMA Bachillerato Tecnológico

Daniel Yankelevich

Argentina Daniel Yankelevich

Director de ADN
Pragma Consultores

Federico Toledo

Uruguay Federico Toledo

Director - Performance engineer

Lucas Pallarés

Argentina Lucas Pallarés

Labs Developer

Diego Cardozo

Uruguay Diego Cardozo

Senior Web Performance Engineer

Diego Poza

Argentina Diego Poza

Content Marketing Manager

Fabian Baptista

Uruguay Fabian Baptista


Santiago Ferreira

Uruguay Santiago Ferreira


Federico Kauffman

Uruguay Federico Kauffman



Who makes this possible


Declared of interest by



A team committed to make a great event

Fabian Fernandez

Pablo Terevinto

Jose Erosa

Daniel Pardo


Collaborates in the organization

Arnoldo Montes de Oca

Leonel More

Jorge Fernandez

Mauricio Fleischer

Karina Pupo


.NET Conf UY on the media

Mayor foro sobre tecnologías de Microsoft de Sudamérica Sep 21

Del 29 de septiembre al 1° de octubre Montevideo será sede del encuentro de tecnologías Microsoft .NET Conf UY v2016, que reunirá un calificado panel de expositores nacionales e internacionales junto a la comunidad de desarrolladores locales e instituciones participantes.

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Conference alert: .NET Conf UY v2016 Aug 23

The third .NET Conf UY is taking place September 29th through October 1st in Montevideo, Uruguay. Get the very latest on Microsoft technologies, including HoloLens, .NET Core, DevOps, Docker, Universal Apps, Windows 10, Internet of Things, Xamarin, Sharepoint, Office 365, SQL Server and Visual Studio. Hob-nob with top experts, and enjoy a unique opportunity to learn, share and network. Workshops, conferences and fun are all guaranteed, in an informal, friendly environment.

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Conference alert: .NET Conf UY v2016 Aug 11

The third .NET Conf UY is taking place September 29th through October 1st in Montevideo, Uruguay. Get the very latest on Microsoft technologies, including HoloLens, .NET Core, DevOps, Docker, Universal Apps, Windows 10, Internet of Things, Xamarin, Sharepoint, Office 365, SQL Server and Visual Studio. Hob-nob with top experts, and enjoy a unique opportunity to learn, share and network. Workshops, conferences and fun are all guaranteed, in an informal, friendly environment.

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.NET Conf Uruguay 2016 Aug 1

Entre el 29 de Septiembre y el 1 de Octubre se llevará a cabo la tercera edición de la .NET Conf Uruguay, un evento donde podrás encontrar lo último en tecnologías Microsoft con los mejores expertos. Encuentra toda la información del evento ingresando aquí.

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Impulsando el software uruguayo - .NET Conf UY v2015 Sep 21

La conferencia .Net Conf Uy se propone ayudar al crecimiento de la industria tecnológica de Uruguay

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Se viene un nuevo .NET Conf UY - Un programon Aug 3

Con conferencias de uruguayos y extranjeros, talleres, competencia de aplicaciones para emprendedores y trabajo social, el 30 de setiembre comienza una nueva edición de .NET Conf UY.

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El mayor evento sobre tecnologías Microsoft en Uruguay Jul 23

El próximo 30 de setiembre de 2015 tendrá lugar el evento de tecnologías Microsoft .NET Conf UY.

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Novedades sobre .NET Conf UY v2015 en Uruguay IT Jul 13

El próximo 30 de setiembre comienza la conferencia NET Conf Uy v2015, la conferencia de tecnologías Microsoft líder de la región. Habrán dos días de charlas, un día de talleres (workshops), una competencia de aplicaciones móviles y algunas cosas más.

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.NET Conf UY v2015: la conferencia clave de tecnologías Microsoft en Latinoamérica Jun 8

Lo último en tecnologías Microsoft se da cita en septiembre, en la ciudad de Montevideo. Enterate de todos los detalles. #NoticiasInnova

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El primer .NET Conf UY superó expectativas de organizadores y público Oct 21

Fueron 5 dias en el Auditorio de Antel, donde 350 asistentes compartieron charlas, experiencias y momentos muy distendidos. CanalUY conversó en exclusiva con Damian Neira, CTO de Nublit, quien participó como asistente del primer .Net Conf UY.

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NetConfUY 2014 – Marcaron un hito de Antes & Después Oct 7

No conozco la historia de cómo surge el slogan de la NetConfUY que dice: “El evento que marcará un antes y un después”, pero definitivamente lo han logrado.

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A naturally friendly country


The capital of Uruguay, harmoniously combines modernity and tradition. Ancient architectural treasures such as el Cabildo, the Iglesia Matriz and the Puerta de la Ciudadela, styles such as Art Nouveau and Art Deco and cutting-edge modern buildings such as the Torre de las Comunicaciones, give the city a unique identity. The capital’s Rambla (waterfront promenade), providing access to over 30 km of coastline, is one of the main attributes of Montevideo and an unforgettable stroll for its inhabitants who frequently go there to drink ‘mate’ (South American style of tea) and go for long walks, runs and biking. In addition, the vast number of green spaces, parks and gardens also provide numerous outdoor options.

Check the F.A.Q. for tips on how to get around the city.

Where to sleep?

Caballo Loco - Hostel Montevideo

Located in the heart of downtown Montevideo, is located just meters from the Plaza Cagancha in an old house from the early sXX, fully renovated and refurbished.

Enjoy your stay with 15% OFF and you will also be very close to the event!

(+598) 2902 6494
Remember to mention .NET Conf UY


  • What is the climate like in Montevideo?

    The climate in Montevideo is temperate and humid (average 17°C), with warm summers and fairly uniform rainfall throughout the year.
  • What language do Uruguayans speak?

    The language spoken in Uruguay is Spanish and almost everyone in the IT industry speaks English.
  • What is the predominant religion?

    Uruguay is secular, with absolute religious freedom. The separation of Church and State was established in the 1919 Constitution. The main religion is Catholicism at 47.1% of the population.
  • Money and Safety tips?

    Credit cards are widely accepted in most hotels, restaurants and shops. ATMs are also available and are in the street. Even though Montevideo is quite safe for tourists, street crime like bag snatching and pick-pocketing occurs, please pay particular attention to your belongings. Try to keep away from isolated or poorly lit areas at night and avoid walking downtown or in the port area alone.

Code of Conduct

All attendees, speakers, sponsors, volunteers and organizers must comply with the Code of Conduct.

The organizers will enforce this code throughout the event.